SoloWood is the new furniture collection covered by SOLOECO® eco-friendly mortar, which has some parts in oak wood. The wood has two different finishings: a dark one, named Cotto, and a natural one, named Naturale. The oak gives elegance and uniqueness to Le Argille furniture by SOLOECO®.

The finishing is carried out in planed wood, handmade, with black fillers in the wood venations. Every products are unique and different thanks to the peculiarities of oak wood.

This is the reason why the product of the line SoloWood are so different ones on the other, and why buying them means owning one-in-a-million products.

We also provide the one-of-a-kind panels of Le Argille, the shelves and our boiserie: they can find the perfect collocation in the living room and in the bathroom, according to the customers’ needs.

Our customers can personalize our products, choosing among the range of RAL and NCS colour systems and among different sizes.