Ecological mortar

Continuous surfaces in ecological mortar

An environmentally friendly product of the highest quality. We produce a special ecological mortar to meet the growing need for sustainability, customisation and innovation. The mortar can be applied to any surface.


Welcome to the world of Soloeco, where beauty and sustainability blend harmoniously in every product. From eco-friendly Malta to Resend, from Lunare to Solocover, each line reflects our commitment to a greener and brighter future. With environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs, we invite you to discover a range of products that will not only beautify your space, but also help preserve our precious planet. Enter the world of Soloeco and be inspired by the beauty of sustainability.


Our system complies with the UNI EN 13813 standard. We strictly comply with VOC emission regulations and are classified as Class A+ …


The founders of our project have developed a 360-degree training service because we believe that knowledge is the key to ensuring that our products are used in the best possible way…


Our metal mortar enchants with an extraordinary effect thanks to the fusion of metal particles with the mortar itself. This exclusive process not only creates a unique aesthetic, but also maintains the highest quality standards Solometal embodies the timeless elegance of metals, transforming any room into a space of refined beauty and modern versatility. Its essence reveals a perfect combination of resistance and brightness, while its reflections capture and diffuse the light with an enchanting brilliance.