Water-based two-component finish

SoloCover is the two-component, water-based finish produced by Soloeco to renew any surface easily, quickly and economically. It is a product with high hardness, elasticity and abrasion resistance.

Environmentally friendly

It is the easiest GREEN system to change the appearance and aesthetically regenerate surfaces without demolition and disposal. This way, no waste is produced to the detriment of our environment.

Category A+

SoloCover is extremely adhesive and environmentally friendly because, like all Soloeco products, it is water-based. The emission level of V.O.C. is much lower than the strictest European standards on the healthiness of construction products.
It is classified in category A+ with respect to the emission of harmful substances in indoor environments.

Ideal for restyling

SoloCover is the simplest solution in the Soloeco product range for the restyling of existing surfaces.

It can be used with a roller application and can be done independently by anyone.

SoloCover is available in all RAL and NCS colours in matt finish and, on request, in glossy finish.

Easy to use

The Solocover Kit is a professional yet easy-to-use product: simply clean and degrease surfaces with Coverpry adhesion promoter before applying the first coat of Solocover.

4 hours after drying apply the second coat and you are done! After 48 hours the surfaces will be walkable.

Solocover can be cleaned with neutral detergents normally used in a domestic environment.

Before & After

Examples of processing, before and after application of SoloCover

Solocover prima e dopoSolocover prima e dopo
Solocover prima e dopoSolocover prima e dopo