About us

Welcome to Soloeco, a proudly Italian company with a passion for creating environmentally friendly solutions for residential and commercial environments.

Our history is rooted in the pursuit of excellence and respect for the environment. Soloeco was born with the aim of meeting the needs of those who seek sustainable materials to transform spaces into extraordinary places. Every product we bring to market is created with the aim of combining the beauty of Italian design with eco-sustainability, embracing an artisanal approach that makes us unique in our industry.

We see ourselves as much more than just a manufacturer of mortars and coatings. We are your partner in the realisation of unique projects, tailored to your needs. We offer technical support to ensure that each of your projects is a success, both in terms of customisation and exceptional performance.

Quality is at the heart of our philosophy, and ‘Made in Italy‘ is our hallmark.

From the choice of raw materials to the craftsmanship of our workforce, every step of the production process is inspired by a commitment to perfection.
At Soloeco, we believe that true beauty lies in diversity and authenticity. Each of our designs can be defined as unique, as they are characterised by subtle differences resulting from craftsmanship,which give each product its distinctive character. Not only do we offer design surfaces, but we also create stories to tell.

The service offered by the project is defined by its founders as 360° because it does not end with the application of the mortar: Soloeco® takes care of the production of the product and the exclusive use to those who have attended the training course. Indeed, the application follows a strict cycle that only courses can safeguard, preserving the end customer and the company image itself.
Our mission is simple but powerful: to empower our customers to transform spaces with unique and sustainable design products. If you are looking for environmentally friendly materials that will transform your environment into an extraordinary place, you have come to the right place.

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