Environmental impact

The quarrying sector in Italy is in crisis, with excessive extraction of materials such as sand and gravel having a devastating impact on the environment. The need to switch to a circular model is urgent, especially considering the increase in construction demolition waste.

At a time when the focus on the environment is more crucial than ever, Soloeco® proudly presents ReSand, a revolutionary low thickness coating system. Our mission has always been to protect the environment, and ReSand embodies this commitment through the use of recycled materials and sustainable practices.

Sustainable alternative

ReSand offers itself as a sustainable alternative, reducing dependence on quarrying materials and offering an innovative solution for low thickness coatings..

Our products combine the efficiency of traditional coatings with a unique beauty resulting from our focus on texture and natural colour nuances.

The benefits

  • Reduced environmental impact: By using recycled materials and reducing quarrying, we contribute to environmental protection.
  • Aesthetic innovation: ReSand’s unique characteristics offer stunning aesthetic results, allowing designers to create unique and striking environments..
  • Sustainability: Our philosophy is based on environmental sustainability and respect for the world around us, making ReSand a conscious choice for environmentally friendly projects.